Household Cupping Therapy Set Vacuum Suction Cup

  • Brand Name: Rilanvo
  • Applicable People: For Everyone
  • Operation: Hand-operater
  • Number of Pieces: Combo
  • Model Number: vacuum-cupping-485
  • Product Name: Vacuum Cupping Set 12PCS
  • Type: Cupping Massage
  • Classification: Vacuum Cupping
  • Feature: 12 Pieces Cupping Cups
  • Feature 1: Vacuum Suction Cups
  • Feature 2: Vacuum Cupping Pump
  • Feature 3: Vacuum Massage Cups
  • Feature 4: Chinese Cupping Cups

12 Cans Household Cupping Therapy Set Vacuum Suction Cup Pump ABS Thick Cupping Massage Cups Acupuncture Massager Health Care

Features of the Cupping Cups:
1. Good quality material: Healthy and harmless material,strong and durable,not easily broken,beautiful and easy to carry.
2. One-man operation: The tank is connected with a vacuum air pump and extension tube,which can be operated by one person immediately,conveniently and quickly.
3. Vacuum Suction: No fire needed,avoid the risk of burning,safe and secure.
4. Flexible and transparent: the tank is light blue transparent, the negative pressure inside the tank can be adjusted at will, easy to observe the treatment area.
5. Safety seal: the tank end is round, smooth, round, large contact with the skin, good air tightness, not easy to fall off.
6. Complete specifications: the tank is divided into 6 models, the size is suitable, suitable for all parts of the human body.
No. 01 Cup (2PCS) inner diameter: 5.5cm, outer diameter: 6.6cm
No. 02 Cup (2PCS) inner caliber: 4.7cm, outer caliber: 5.8cm
No. 03 Cup (2PCS) inner diameter: 3.8cm, outer diameter: 5.1cm
No. 04 Cup (2PCS) inner diameter: 3.4cm, outer diameter: 4.4cm
No. 05 Cup (2PCS) inner diameter: 2.5cm, outer diameter: 3.4cm
No. 06 Cup (2PCS) inner diameter: 2.1cm, outer diameter: 3.0cm

How to use the cupping:
1. Before use, first lift the upper end of the tank to ensure that the gas is unblocked.
2. After the vacuum pumping nozzle is placed on the upper end of the tank, pull the rod vertically for about 4 times to reach the appropriate negative pressure.
3. Use the end of the tank, gently lift the upper end of the tank,and the tank can be removed.
4. Less parts of the human muscles or hairy feet, joints can be used to make a doughnut under the tank to achieve a sealing effect.

Package Included:
1x 12PCS Cupping Set
1x Cupping Pump
1x Extension Tube
2x Magnetic Heads
1x Manual


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