500Kg Portable Crane Electric Hoist

  • Certification: EPA
  • Product name: Building air conditioner crane
  • Remote control distance: 60 meters
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Motor power: 1500W
  • Lifting speed: 5m/min
  • The wire rope is: 7.6 meters long

500Kg Portable Crane Electric Hoist for Cars, Home improvement, Cargo handling, Production workshop lifting


Product name: Building air conditioner crane
Remote control distance: 60 meters
Voltage 220V
Motor power 1500W
Lifting speed 5m/min
The wire rope is 7.6 meters long
10 kg


(1) Portable design, product weight is 10KG, volume of 0.0312m³, can be carried to any workplace.

(2) Adopt a 1500W motor as power to provide 5M / min ascent speed

(3) The thick galvanized high toughness steel wire rope is not easy to rotate and break during lifting, which is more safe and reliable.

(4) High-strength forged hooks make lifting safer.

(5) Safety limit switch for safer operation.

(6) Efficient heat dissipation makes the machine safer to use. Soft rubber handle, wear-resistant and non-slip.

Can be used for cars, home improvement, cargo handling, production workshop lifting, etc.5. Application area




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