Children Interesting Intelligence Toys Turn Monkeys Down Monkey Tree Climbing

  • Brand Name: SUSAJ
  • Model Number: Toys Turn Monkeys
  • Type: board games
  • Type 1: board game
  • Type 2: jeux de société
  • Type 3: Funny Toys
  • Type 4: Intelligence Toys

    Name: monkey climbing tree

  • Packaging: No original color box to save shipping fee
    Material: Plastic
    Category: other indoor leisure products
    Applicable age: children (4-6 years old)
    Applicable age: Elderly (over 61 years old)
    Applicable age: Teenager (7-14 years old)
    Applicable age: middle-aged (36-60 years old)
    Applicable age: Youth (15-35 years old)
    Toys function description:
    Fun tilting monkey game toys, 2-4 people play games during risperidone orally disintegrating tablets. Install the main body of the tree pole, insert the plastic rod on the trunk, and then put the monkeys in from the hole on the top of the tree. Monkeys will hang their long tails upside down on each plastic rod. The plastic rod of the corresponding color can be removed to let the monkey fall down, so the monkey falls down to end the game. Players who meet the least monkeys win.




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