Eyelash Glue DIY Eyelash Extension Adhesion

  • JINGRT MIX EYELASH KIT¡ªOur Hybrid Eyelash Extension Kit contains 5 different styles of eyelashes, eyelash glue, eyelash tweezers, eyelash brush, the roots of the tufted eyelashes are professionally treated to be flat, neat, unobtrusive and soft. Our lashes are natural and suitable not only for professionals, makeup salons, beauty schools, but also for makeup artists and personal home use, for parties, dates or everyday use.
  • HOW TO USE¡ªSingle-cluster false eyelashes are easy to apply and remove with eye makeup remover. Pick up the lashes with tweezers and gently dip the ends into the lash glue, making sure to cover the band. Let the glue dry until slightly tacky before applying it to the lower lashes, finishing with a lash brush for a super natural look.
  • SIZE¡ªThis assortment of single-cluster false lashes C-curve, 0.07mm thick, false lashes individual d-curl allows you to make a variety of options to complement your eyes more beautifully and elegantly.
  • HIGH QUALITY FIBER¡ªThe single tufted lashes are handcrafted from imported silk fibers, soft, lightweight and 100% cruelty-free, our false lashes are the closest to natural looking lashes, very lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • INCLUDED PACKAGING ¡ªFor your convenience, our mang


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