FUEGO MEXIKA® | 2-Pack Nutty & Picante – Gourmet Mexican Chili Paste

  • Elevates the Flavor of Your Dishes – For an extraordinary gourmet taste, use our Nutty & Picante Chili Paste. This meticulously crafted sauce features 2 chili pepper varieties mixed with dried plums & pecans to deliver subtly sweet and spicy flavors
  • Ideal Amount of Heat – Even foodies who aren’t fond of spicy foods will definitely enjoy our low heat roasted chili paste. This blend of ingredients from Mexican and Spanish cuisine leaves a rich, unique taste for every sophisticated palate.
  • Pure Premium Chili Pepper Paste – Create your culinary fusion à la 5-star restaurant with a dash of Nutty & Picante on your dish. Our Mexican oil recipes are made by expert chefs to satisfy your taste buds and suit your lifestyle.
  • Made With Only Natural Ingredients – Fuego Mexika’s vegan chili peppers in oil use clean, whole ingredients. Unlike conventional habanero chili sauces with processed extracts and ingredients, our products don’t contain any artificial flavorings, colorants, gluten nor MSG.
  • Gift for Spice Lovers – Impress your loved ones with a thoughtful, tasteful present from Fuego Mexika. Every purchase of our pepper paste includes a classic, minimalist cardboard box ready for gifting.


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