Yoga Ring Pilates Yoga Circle Equipment

  • Brand Name: SKDK
  • Model Number: YJ001
  • Sale: Wholesale/Drosphip
  • Quantity: 1PC
  • Color: Red/Yellow/Blue/Green/Black
  • Material: PP

Multifunction Yoga Ring

small / 0.2kg light weight

Samll Size More Function

Yoga Asana Assistance/Stretch Bone Ligaments/Massage Muscles to Relax

Fits the Human Spine

Relax the Tension on the Back/Soothing Massage

Fascial Stretch

Yoga Rring Stretches Ligaments for Flexibility

Assisted Yoga Asanas

Great Help for Asana Completion

Neck Massage Relax

Touch Every on Body Soothe Muscles

Commobity Information

Material: Eco-Friendly PP
Weight:About 170-200g
Uses:Yoga/Stretching/Open Shoulder/Body Training/Massage

7 Colors Available


Product Detial

Bearing Capacity/Smooth Surface

Product Exhibition

Exercise Back / Calf / Chest / Stretch etc.


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